End Of Apple Iphone X In 2018

iphone x

Apple iPhone X could end up being the first previous year model that is not retained in 2018, if one goes by predictions from well-known analyst Ming Chi-Kuo. Kuo has said in an investor note that Apple iPhone X will face ‘end of life’ in summer 2018 and will not be retained after the new iPhones are launched. This is presumably in light of reports that Apple iPhone X sales were not as high as expected.

According to AppleInsider, which has seen Ming Chi Kuo’s note and reported on it, the Apple analyst says the company will ship 18 million iPhone X devices in the first calendar quarter of 2018. He has also pointed out that Apple iPhone X has not been successful in China and the notch appears to be causing some of these problems with users thinking iPhone 8 Plus has more usable space to offer. Kuo has also prediction Apple will launch three iPhones in 2018 and all will come with the full vision display, though the most budget friendly version will likely have an LCD display. Apple will restrict OLED to the two high-end versions.

ming chi-kuo

However, Kuo’s note also adds there will an Apple iPhone X Plus model as well with technologies from the original Apple iPhone X. Kuo is also predicting Apple will see 10 percent growth for all of 2018 with most growth after the new launch in September period. Apple has stuck with a fall launch for its iPhones.

Kuo’s note is interesting because it is claims Apple iPhone X might not continue for 2018, after the new models hit the market. The iPhone X, which stands for iPhone 10, is supposed to be the anniversary special to mark ten years of the iconic Apple product. But iPhone X’s demand has already raised questions from analysts, who have cut global forecasts.

In December 2017, Bloomberg had reported that Sinolink Securities Co analyst Zhang Bin said iPhone X shipments in the period could be as low as 35 million, which is nearly 10 million less than expected. Another note by JL Warren Capital LLC had said iPhone X shipments will drop to 25 million units in the first quarter of 2018 due to weak demand. The note was basing this on reduced orders at some Apple suppliers, according to Bloomberg.  Reports claim an Apple iPhone SE 2 and Apple iPhone X Plus will also be launched in 2018.