CodeIgniter: The ideal framework for website

If you are a Php developer and wants to build a comprehensive web application and website with numerous enhancing features, and you are looking for a simple toolkit for making such a website and web application, then CodeIgniter is the best framework for you.

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The only ideal programming language that provides a different framework is PHP, as it allows developers to build the most innovative websites and web applications. In PHP, each and every framework has been designed with attractive features such as ease of use, rapid development, feature-rich applications, e-commerce friendly environment and many more.

CodeIgniter is best among all the open source web development frameworks. CodeIgniter consists of all the components that support hassle-free, rapid, and cost-effective web development.

There are additional benefits in using Codelgniter, it makes a web app and website lightweight and easy to use. If you are looking for a change from one of those huge undocumented frameworks that you are using currently, then Codelgniter is the perfect framework to use.

With the various additional utilities provided by CodeIgniter, you will not be required to spend more time on building up the command line for adding in those utilities. You can easily finish your job within a given deadline effortlessly by using this framework.

Codelgniter framework is based on the Model-View-Controller(MVC), which evidently states that the views have to be separated from the back-end of the application you are developing.

The MVC connects the front-end and back-end. The separation which is made by MVC between front-end and back-end make the code more readable and easier to understand in websites and web app.

CodeIgniter makes your web application or websites compatible with a huge number of standard hosting accounts that have the ability to run a different variety of PHP configurations and versions.

CodeIgniter provides great flexibility by creating classes for FTP, Email, zip coding, XML-RPC, file uploading and etc. And this makes the web developer not to worry about naming the database tables or models of the tables. As compared to PHP, it is not essential a templating language, however, it could effortlessly pass that test because of the way it is interpreted.

The developers who are working on the technology are even more endowed owing to the inherent attributes of CodeIgniter. And this makes them not to learn any more templating language to create website or web applications.

If you are thinking to develop a website or application using CodeIgniter, you can also include additional functionalities in the website or application by using the popular templating engines such as Twig and Smarty.

CodeIgniter is equipped with various in-built libraries with so many codes that are already written. Because of it’s simple and easy to use interface, developers can be able to access those libraries and use the pre-written codes for quick web development.

CodeIgniter is one of the most preferred frameworks by a huge number of businesses for their PHP application development. As CodeIgniter provides quality web development solutions, it is beneficial for both the users as well as for the developers.

This tool helps in developing search engine friendly, flexible and secure website or web applications. The websites and applications which are developed by using Codelgniter are considered to be highly secure and absolutely reliable.

With all these incredible features, CodeIgniter today stands among the most preferable and reliable Open Source Platforms for developing PHP based websites and web applications.